CO2 Fractional Laser

Which is better, ultrasonic knife or [skin lifting] injection

You should know that the effect of this ultrasonic knife lasts longer than this [skin lift] note. But the price is more expensive, so the effect of ultrasonic knife is better.

The maintenance time of [skin lift] injection is not as long as that of ultrasonic knife, which is also a disadvantage of [skin lift] injection, because the wire used for promotion will be degraded in the body and the maintenance time is relatively short. Generally, it needs to be done once every 6-12 months according to personal conditions. On the other hand, the advantage of using [skin lift] injection to improve facial lines is that after [skin lift] injection, because the buried thread body begins to play a role, the effect of improvement can be seen at that time, while the ultrasonic knife can not see the whole effect.

The average maintenance time of ultrasonic knife effect is 8 years.

Is ultrasonic knife harmful to human body

Harmful, facial nerves will be damaged.

Advantages of operation: safe treatment and relatively few side effects. It recovers quickly and almost non invasively. Smooth wrinkles, tighten and lift, and improve skin quality.

intended for:

People who want to improve skin relaxation and wrinkles.

Side effects of ultrasonic scalpel

Beauty itself is harmless. Generally, the redness, swelling, blistering, pigment and other adverse reactions after beauty are basically caused by the side effects of the ultrasonic knife caused by the unskilled operation of the doctor or the irregular equipment of the doctor, which is related to the normal regeneration of fascia, subcutaneous tissue, true skin cells and epidermal cells, not excessive, not out of control and not shrinking. What needs to be repaired urgently after ultrasonic scalpel surgery is the moisturizing layer. Ultrasonic scalpel surgery first destroys the subcutaneous hyaluronic acid moisturizing layer and evaporates a lot of water. The subcutaneous cell skin without moisturizing layer and water is in a state of atrophy and damage.