What is the effect of cost of HIFU machine?

No matter what maintenance items are, the sooner they are done, the better. Just like cars, good maintenance is just routine maintenance. If the maintenance is not good, we have to repair them. I’m not sure they have to be overhauled, and the anti-aging should be carried out in time.

  1. “Tightening”: tighten the forehead skin tissue and remove wrinkles.
  2. “Lift”: lift and tighten the cheek skin and improve the contour.
  3. “Pull”: remove wrinkles around nose and lip and improve elasticity.
  4. “Prevention”: smooth wrinkles and prevent aging from deepening.
  5. “Tender”: improve dull skin and show youth.
  6. “Fine”: make the skin delicate and shiny.

Since there is only one distance between us, why not try it.

Precautions after HIFU vaginal machine:

  1. Do not wash your face with water above 36 degrees within a week;
  2. Don’t go to high-temperature environment (such as sauna, hot spring, yoga, etc.) in a month to prevent exposure and vigorous exercise.
  3. Don’t eat spicy food, drink, quit smoking, take soy sauce and other foods with deep pigment within a week
  4. Three months after operation, acmetea was taken orally 2 to 3 times a day according to the doctor’s advice, and the supporting nutrition was taken orally. It was gradually reduced according to the recovery.
  5. It is recommended that the mask should not be more than 2 times a week. (a large number of facial mask can cause the blood circulation of new skin tissue to be blocked, and the skin fails to be updated) it is recommended to use high quality moisturizing milk and moisturizing cream before bedtime to assist lock water. These are superficial. The replenishment of true syndrome is still through oral acmetea. The contained Salome can update and grow a new skin moisture retaining layer, and only promote the approach both inside and outside.
  6. Before and after operation, oral collagen products are prohibited to prevent imbalance of new – raw skin tissue

Research shows that the life and quality of all cells under your skin, whether you can see them or not, will be affected by external stimuli, the environment around the cells, the nutrition and quality of the cells themselves. Skin damage is the result of changes in the shallow and deep parts of your skin cells. Facial redness and swelling is the result of changes in facial skin cells, blood cells, elastic cells, nerve cells and other cells.

After cell changes, cell necrosis may occur. After cell damage, they lose their instincts and cannot function normally. Therefore, the human body needs to quickly and intensively repair damaged cells, quickly help cells complete stress response, so as to repair micro integrity and other damaged cells, mutant cells and atrophic cells, repair and stimulate tissue regeneration and intensive repair, Increase the density of elastic fibers and increase the density of intercellular matrix.

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