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What is the beauty project of ultrasonic knife? How to repair the facial depression when the ultrasonic knife fails

In recent years, ultrasonic knife beauty is getting closer and more popular. Is it good to do ultrasonic knife? Why do stars and net red become 10 years younger when they finish the ultrasonic knife, but when you finish the ultrasonic knife, there are no effects, bruises, dry skin, and even facial collapse? Did you know the content of essence before making ultrasonic knife? This discourages many beauty lovers who want to make ultrasonic knives. At the same time, they also wonder why the effect they have done is not as good as that of stars and net popularity? These are a series of complex effects of ultrasonic scalpel and we don’t know. In fact, those stars and net red have made a supplement of refined nutrients before making ultrasonic scalpel, so as to effectively avoid the complex effect of ultrasonic scalpel!

1、 What is an ultrasonic knife?

Ultrasonic scalpel is not a knife. It is a unique probe scanning system through the acoustic wave system of beauty ultrasonic scalpel to plan the line track, sketch and develop the whole process, and monitor the subcutaneous situation in real time. It can be operated safely.

The ultrasonic energy is focused on the target point, and the ultrasonic energy is used to penetrate the cortex to 3-4.5mm, and then transmitted to the muscle fascia tissue to produce the effect of fascia tension and promotion.

Improve the supporting subcutaneous structure from deep to shallow, shrink the aging collagen, stimulate the reorganization of Yanyi Jingke, build a new protein fiber network, and restore the elasticity from the bottom of the skin.

Ultrasound energy will activate the body’s natural reaction mechanism, but all proteins are destroyed in the process. Therefore, it needs the cooperation of body nutrition research essence to stimulate the growth of epithelial cells and endothelial tissue, make new cells grow continuously, promote and gradually fall off the dead cells in the dead skin layer, keep the skin tender and smooth, and promote the skin’s metabolism, Enhance the ability to absorb nutrition, promote the synthesis of collagen and collagenase, secrete collagen, hyaluronic acid and glycoprotein, regulate collagen fibers, moisturize skin, enhance skin elasticity, and fundamentally have elastic, delicate and compact skin.

Is the ultrasonic knife good

Although ultrasonic scalpel beauty is to do and go without surgery and bleeding, which is convenient, simple and effective. It has quickly become a beautiful magic weapon for beauty lovers to fight against aging. But there are more and more problems and disputes! Questions raised by many subjects? Ultrasonic scalpel stimulates and damages subcutaneous cells, so as to start the body’s own synthesis of new cells and collagen fibers.

So why are many doctors opposed to collagen supplementation after surgery?

We need to make it clear that only collagen supplement after ultrasonic scalpel can not meet the generation of a complete cell source! A healthy, elastic and compact new cell needs multiple nutrients, including skin elastic fiber nutrition, skin moisturizing layer and collagen fiber!

When we are young, these fine – cellular nutrients are very sufficient, and our bodies can show elastic, firm and moist skin! Yanyi essence nutrition exists in our human body. With the increase of age, our nutrition source begins to decline vertically, and our skin begins to relax, sag and rough. At this time, our body is obviously deficient. If we don’t supplement after operation at the age of 30, it is obviously unrealistic and difficult to achieve the expected effect only through self nutrition.

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