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What is laser cosmetology and the harm of laser cosmetology

What is laser cosmetology? In fact, it is to remove or destroy the target tissue by generating high-energy, accurately focused and penetrating monochromatic light that acts on the human tissue and generates high heat locally. Pulse lasers of various wavelengths can treat various vascular skin diseases and pigmentation.

Such as nevus of Ota, naevus erythematosus, freckles, age spots, telangiectasia, tattoo removal, Eyeliner washing, eyebrow washing, scar treatment, etc; In recent years, some new laser instruments, high-energy ultra pulse CO2 laser.

Erbium laser has achieved good results in wrinkle removal, skin grinding, snoring treatment, tooth whitening and so on. It has opened up more and more broad fields for laser surgery.

Harm of laser cosmetology to human body parts


Many people value laser therapy because they hear that there are no scars. In fact, when laser therapy is used to treat wrinkles and depilation, as long as the laser energy is properly selected, the risk of skin damage and scars is still very low.

However, if you can’t grasp it, you may leave scars. Especially in the case of skin grinding treatment, you must use an experienced doctor. An experienced doctor can grasp the depth of grinding according to the color change of skin, so as not to leave scars.