What discomfort will drinking cause after ultrasonic knife

Many beauty lovers will choose ultrasonic scalpel for cosmetic surgery. This method is accepted and recognized by many people. What precautions do beauty lovers have after ultrasonic scalpel? What problems will drinking cause after ultrasonic knife?

Drinking after ultrasonic knife will aggravate swelling

You can’t drink alcohol after ultrasonic scalpel. The first important reason is that drinking will dilate blood vessels, resulting in swelling of the part where ultrasonic scalpel is performed

Many people will have redness and swelling when they do ultrasonic scalpel. Short-term redness and swelling is the rejection reaction of the body. If they drink after ultrasonic scalpel, it is bound to prolong the time of redness and swelling. Some beauty lovers themselves will not be red and swollen after ultrasonic knife, but if they drink after ultrasonic knife, the harm is that the skin may become swollen.

Drinking alcohol after ultrasonic knife can cause subcutaneous bleeding

If you drink alcohol half a year after the completion of the ultrasonic knife, the alcohol will dilute the blood, increase the possibility of subcutaneous bleeding on the face of the beauty seeker who has done the ultrasonic knife, and may also cause the damage of the repaired cells and local hematoma. Therefore, you still don’t drink alcohol for 6 months after the completion of the ultrasonic knife.

The ultrasound knife works through non-invasive ultrasound. The heat generated by ultrasound will heat the subcutaneous tissue to about 70 degrees, which makes the subcutaneous tissue cells apoptosis. It takes a cycle for the body to repair these cells. Generally, this cycle is 6 months. Therefore, if you want to go out and meet people after completing the ultrasound knife, Then don’t drink in half a year after ultrasonic knife, otherwise it will only prolong the recovery period of ultrasonic knife.

Drinking after ultrasonic knife will make the skin dry and abnormal

The ultrasonic knife itself will destroy the hyaluronic acid moisturizing layer of the skin by heating from inside to outside. Generally, many people will feel dry after the ultrasonic knife. If you drink alcohol after ultrasonic knife, the harm is that the skin will become drier. This is because excessive drinking makes people urinate more, resulting in dehydration and abnormal skin dryness. Therefore, beauty lovers who have finished the ultrasonic knife should not drink within half a year.

Eating tips after ultrasonic knife

Although there is no wound after the ultrasonic knife is finished, beauty lovers should also pay attention to self-protection. The effect of the ultrasonic knife can last for 5-8 years. We need to rely on our ten-year skin care, and the effect of the ultrasonic knife can be maintained for a longer time. The usual diet is still light, and eat more fruits and vegetables, which can make skin cells healthier. In addition, it is also good for the maintenance of the effect after ultrasonic knife.

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