What are the side effects of private ultrasonic knife

Private ultrasound knife is no stranger to many people. Vaginal relaxation is a manifestation of female physical aging, but the phenomenon of vaginal relaxation can be repaired and improved. What is the effect of private ultrasound knife? Does the operation have side effects?

Is private ultrasonic knife effective

Private ultrasonic scalpel uses the thermal contraction effect of the instrument on the mucosal layer and fascia layer of the vaginal wall to theoretically solve the problems of mild vaginal relaxation and urinary incontinence. At present, private ultrasonic knife is a new technology. In addition, there are many high imitation Shanzhai ultrasonic knife instruments, so the effect of private ultrasonic knife is still uncertain.

At present, the ultrasonic scalpel in China has not passed the examination and approval of sanitary devices in our country. Genuine ultrasonic scalpel instruments are very rare because there are no dealers in the mainland. Therefore, when beauty seekers hear about private ultrasonic scalpel projects in various hospitals or beauty studios, they should think twice about the treatment of private ultrasonic scalpel.

Principle of private ultrasonic knife

The principle of private ultrasonic knife is the same as that of ultrasonic knife in theory. Ultrasonic knife is not a knife. The action principle process of ultrasonic knife is to use a special sound wave conductor to transmit the high-energy ultrasonic wave released from the skin surface to the bottom of the skin. After that, the ultrasound will vibrate back and forth between the target cells at a high speed, and the skin cells will be destroyed with the temperature rise.

After the private ultrasound knife is finished, the skin cells rely on the repair ability to repair themselves better, and can lift and tighten the skin of the private parts as a whole, which is why many businesses publicize that the private ultrasound knife can make your private parts return to youth.

Does private ultrasonic knife have side effects

We don’t know whether the private ultrasound knife is useful, but some babies who love beauty react and feel dull at the private part after the ultrasound knife. This is because the skin heat effect caused by the ultrasound knife leads to the dry skin at the private part, and most of them can naturally improve after a period of time. If you want immediate relief, you can match the moisturizing gel containing lactic acid after cleaning the private parts every time to strengthen the effect of moisturizing and protecting the private parts.

If you need to be in the same room after private ultrasound, you should conduct sufficient foreplay (including caressing and other intimate parts) to fully wet the private parts, so as to avoid the side effects of dulling the private parts to a certain extent.

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