What are the side effects of HIFU slimming machine? How to avoid risks?

Regulatory risk 1: redness, swelling and blistering. Blistering is caused by the unskilled skill of the doctor when the RF probe stays in the HIFU slimming machine.

The interval is too long, or the temperature is too high, causing the subcutaneous tissue to burn and blister. Solution: after operation, take Jingke element, which is rich in repair factors elastin and hyaluronic acid to activate and regenerate human cells, strengthen the nutrition of cells and tissues, that is, the body during the repair period, and then strengthen and stabilize the collagen fiber structure, elastin, hyaluronic acid Ceramide is a repair factor rich in three kinds of seminal elements, which can repair the damage of cells after receiving external stimulation and inhibit the malignant proliferation of collagen.

Regulatory risk 2: dryness, dullness, spots, etc. The reason is that the moisturizing layer (hyaluronic acid layer) is damaged by high temperature during the operation. At the same time, the remaining water under the skin will volatilize in the whole process of quotient temperature. After the cells and tissues are damaged, the collagen fibers, structure is broken, and a large amount of hyaluronic acid is lost. Therefore, the postoperative dryness, dullness, spots and other phenomena. Solution: after taking Yanyi Jingke element repair factor, in which silk worm pupa amino acid, hyaluronic acid and ceramide recombine and repair the structure of collagen fibers and generate moisturizing factors to prevent uneven collagen production and control the malignant proliferation of collagen fibers. Spermicin can span the phospholipid molecular layer of cell membrane, prevent the oxidation damage of phospholipid molecules, maintain the stability of cell membrane, and significantly prolong the life of cells. After using the double binomial moisturizing factor Salome and shell oligosaccharide in jingkesu, on the one hand, it can accelerate the generation of thermal insulation layer and lock the subcutaneous water; On the other hand, it can stabilize the regenerated collagen fiber cells and consolidate the elastic framework of the cortex.

Regulation risk 3: collapse, unevenness, cortical necrosis, facial skew and facial asymmetry. This is a serious adverse reaction of ultrasonic scalpel. There are three possibilities: one is the equipment and technology, and the other is the lack of astareal, elastin and silk worm pupa amino acid in the subject’s own body, resulting in insufficient nutrition of cell regeneration and insufficient nutrition of collagen regeneration. Solution: after taking Yanyi Jingke, the accumulation of functional repair factor astareal rich in essence exists in the cytoplasm, which can prevent the production of free radicals and other inducers of free radicals under radiation, so as to reduce the speed of collagen fiber breaking, provide sufficient nutrients for facial nerves and avoid burning neurons. The angiogenic factor elastin rich in spermatin can promote wound healing and necessary neovascularization. Elastin can increase the regeneration ability of damaged skin cells and has the characteristics of helping wound recovery. It can improve the regeneration of stratum corneum, accelerate the regeneration of stratum corneum, repair subcutaneous damaged cells and accelerate the regeneration of stratum corneum. Silkworm pupa amino acid, a functional repair factor rich in spermatin, can prevent uneven collagen production and control the malignant proliferation of collagen fibers. And prevent the collapse and unevenness caused by out of control repair after operation, which will seriously lead to cortical necrosis. Therefore, we should not put the cart before the horse and pay attention to the results of oral administration. When collagen fibers are regenerated in vivo, what they face is the stability and balance of collagen fiber framework. When the new collagen fibers in the epidermis are unbalanced, it will lead to scars, hyperplasia and scar protrusion. When repairing subcutaneous damage, uneven collagen fiber formation will lead to uneven skin surface. Focus on activation 30 days before operation and 3-6 months after operation The ultrasonic scalpel must be refined in the morning and evening.

Regulatory risk 4: no effect, the effect is not obvious. This situation is quite common. It is explained here that it is not caused by ultrasonic knife equipment. The main reason is that the collagen nutrition in the recipient is insufficient, and the nutritional regeneration of newborn cells is not high, which can not reflect the effect. Solution: after operation, we need to take more than a dozen functional repair factors rich in jingkesu to avoid the occurrence of cells after receiving external stimulation. If the cells respond negatively in this link, they will shrink. When the cells receive new stimulation, they need to face positively when entering a new environment. If there is no large amount of essence in the cells, between cells and tissues, after the age of 30, the cells are lack of regeneration nutrition and their skin elasticity decreases, This also reflects the lack of collagen production and nutrition. Then cells and tissues can not be repaired and regenerated without spermatin repair factor. At the same time, HIFU slimming machine beauty has no desired effect.

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