CO2 Fractional Laser

What are the major concerns of patients?

  1. I’m so old. Can I still make an ultrasonic knife?

If you feel old after 40, 50 or 60, Xiaobian should sincerely say that it’s good for you to have a sense of crisis! It’s not too late for you to make an ultrasonic knife now! When you are really old, your skin is loose, and your face support falls down. If you are over 70 years old, you should take advantage of it. Because older people need to reshape bone support structures, ultrasonic scalpels can’t save them.

  1. Have I done ultrasonic scalpel many times or no effect?

First of all, the one-time effect of ultrasonic knife can be maintained for no less than 3 years as long as the acmetea cellular nutrient content in the body is sufficient! The second is the lifting effect of ultrasonic knife, which can be immediate, continuous regeneration and long-term maintenance! However, with the increase of age, the loss of collagen protein and the degree of daily maintenance, all affect the time and effect of maintenance in the later stage. Therefore, making an ultrasonic knife is not a safety insurance. If you love yourself, you must pay attention to daily maintenance and stick to it. Pay more water and make more mask.

  1. Will my expression become stiff when I finish the ultrasonic knife?

can’t! The ultrasonic scalpel is used to lift and tighten the fascia layer in the original state of the skin. The operator designs a suitable scheme according to the characteristics of each facial contour, which is accurate, does not hurt other surrounding tissues, and will not affect the movement of expression muscles. It is very safe.

  1. Will the ultrasonic knife bounce?

The ultrasonic knife is not magic, it’s just a time pause key

The safety of those materials that claim to have a long effect once and for all is very questionable. It is recommended not to take collagen protein before and after the ultrasonic knife, because the ultrasonic knife will stimulate the body during the operation and the collagen protein will also be born. Therefore, if you supplement it again, it will cause fat accumulation and affect the postoperative effect!

  1. The ultrasonic knife becomes looser and older after failure?

Let me tell you, the ultrasonic knife stimulates the skin through energy, produces acmetea fine cell source nutrition, and lifts and tightens the skin. It does not need to consume anything in the skin to produce effect, so the ultrasonic knife does not lose every plant and tree of the skin. Therefore, even after the ultrasonic knife expires, the skin will only undergo the aging process according to the current state, and will not make the skin older.

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