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What are the advantages of hot Maggie, ultrasonic knife and wire embedding

Anti aging has always been the focus of beauty lovers. Everyone wants to be younger and don’t get old. So what plastic surgery projects can keep their youth? Hot Maggie, ultrasonic knife and wire embedding are all good ways, so what are their advantages?

Thermomaggie, ultrasonic scalpel and wire embedding promotion are three popular projects in the field of non-invasive anti-aging,

1、 Hot Maggie

Hot Maggie is mainly aimed at loose and wrinkled skin, with collagen contraction effect, resulting in immediate skin tightening effect, and stimulating collagen in newborn skin, so as to achieve long-term skin lifting and tightening effect.

Action principle: Hot Maggie focuses on firming, acts on the dermis in the form of face, has a wide range of action, and can achieve the young effect of wrinkle removal and firming in the whole face and whole body.

2、 Ultrasonic knife

Ultrasound knife beauty is to use focused ultrasound technology to lift the SMAS fascia layer. Ultrasound can massage the cells, rearrange the subcutaneous cells through the changes of cell membrane, improve blood circulation, nourish the skin lacking nutrients and moisture, improve the problem of skin relaxation and sagging, and smooth the sunken wrinkles on the face.

Action principle: the ultrasonic knife focuses on lifting and acts in the form of points, but the action level is deep. The effect of lifting the contour is very superior. It is a palace level anti-aging artifact.

3、 Thread * carving (reminder from it is a non-medical standard term. It is actually an operation of embedding absorbable thread under the skin to tighten the skin and promote collagen regeneration.) promote

Embedding the collagen thread is mainly embedded in the form of subcutaneous mesh crisscross, just like setting up a tent, to support the whole contour, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkle removal, lifting and filling. The effect can last for about 3 years. It is a very popular injection anti-aging promotion project.

Principle of action: embedding the thread focuses on anti-aging and skin beautifying. Because it is in the form of embedding the thread, the doctor can flexibly adjust according to the aging of the skin. In addition to improving the firmness and wrinkle removal of the whole face, it can also fill and shape.

To sum up, these three methods can remove wrinkles and anti-aging, but each has its own characteristics. You can choose according to your own situation, but sometimes the effect of combined use will be better!

  1. Hot Maggie + ultrasonic knife

The treatment of ultrasonic scalpel focuses on the relaxation of deep soft tissue, and thermomaggie can treat the nerve rich areas that ultrasonic scalpel cannot involve. Therefore, the skin frame can be tightened through the ultrasonic knife to reshape the young contour, and then the reverse growth of subcutaneous collagen can be realized through the hot Maggie to improve the facial contour and the firmness and fullness of the skin, so as to achieve the young effect of tightening the skin inside and tender outside.

  1. Ultrasonic knife + Shuiguang needle (reminder from it is a non-medical standard term. It is actually a subcutaneous injection with hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and VC as the main components.)

Ultrasonic scalpel can treat deep tissue relaxation, restore sagging fat and fascia tissue, and realize the regeneration and growth of subcutaneous tissue, while Shuiguang needle (reminder of Duhu net: non-medical standard term, it is actually a subcutaneous injection with hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and VC as the main components.) It can fill the soft tissue atrophied due to aging. The combination of the two can resist aging and fill in one by one, so as to truly achieve beauty without dead corners.

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