Ultrasound knife or hot Maggie, how to choose?

Recently, in the beauty industry, the ultrasonic knife has become so popular that its relationship with hot Maggie is like water and fire. Many beauty lovers don’t know how to choose for a time. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of their functions~

Ultrasonic knife concept

Ultrasonic knife, namely ulthera extreme sound wave skin pulling, uses high-intensity ultrasonic treatment equipment of HIFU knife to noninvasively restore skin elasticity and improve wrinkles. Ultrasonic heat energy is directly transmitted to the lower part of subcutaneous fat layer (SMAs layer) to induce deep collagen regeneration.

Thermomaggie concept

Remagli uses electric waves to make the probe act on the skin, transmit energy, reach the skin dermis, activate skin collagen and fibers, and reconstruct collagen scaffolds, so as to achieve the effects of firming, lifting and anti wrinkle.

  1. Treatment effect

Ultrasonic scalpel: non-invasive. Focused ultrasound focuses on a single point to produce high energy, which acts on the muscle aponeurosis system to produce contraction. The lifting effect is comparable to surgical skin pulling. Pay attention to maintenance. The maintenance time should be about 5 years.

Hot Maggie: use radio waves to heat the skin, promote collagen proliferation and achieve skin firming effect. Pay attention to maintenance. The maintenance time is about 3-5 years.

  1. Treatment depth

Ultrasonic scalpel: 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm, which can directly reach the fascia layer (SMAs). For non-surgical treatment, only ulthera extreme sound wave skin pulling can treat this layer, that is, only ulthera extreme sound wave skin pulling can achieve the effect of surgical skin pulling.

Hot Maggie: less than 3.0mm, up to the dermis.

  1. Treatment temperature

Ultrasonic scalpel: the skin heating temperature can reach 60-70 ℃, which can promote the denaturation of collagen.

Hot Maggie: the skin can be heated to 40-50 ℃ to produce new collagen.

  1. Therapeutic energy:

Ultrasonic scalpel: the 4.5mm probe directly acts on the muscle aponeurosis layer in the deep layer of the skin for accurate positioning. The energy is focused on point by point to make the muscle aponeurosis layer contract to the greatest extent.

The 3.0mm probe directly introduces the focused energy into the dermis 3.0mm, and then makes the collagen shrink and reorganize. So there is no energy attenuation during the treatment.

Thermomaggie: when acting on the skin, the energy is transmitted to the deeper dermis through the epidermis, that is, from outside to inside. Because it is heated in a large area rather than focused, the energy is continuously attenuated during the transmission process.

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