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Ultrasonic knife helps you maintain and whiten your skin

At present, many fashionable women like to be advanced in the trend. In order to make their skin look like when they were 18 years old, they will be willing to spend a lot of time, money and energy to maintain their skin, but most of them can’t resist the honing of time. They don’t have much effect. At this time, will they feel that their previous energy has been wasted, In fact, ultrasonic knife can easily help solve all these problems!

First of all, Xiaobian has invited experts from Shanghai meilianchen medical beauty hospital to take us to see what problems our skin generally encounters! In the following cases, the beauty lovers look at how many shots they have been shot:

  1. Dry, peeling, wrinkled, sensitive, dull, dark complexion;
  2. The skin is tanned and completely destroyed;
  3. Stay up late, drink, 24 hours on computers and mobile phones;
  4. There are fine lines on the neck, and the head lifting lines climb up the face.

According to the skin problems sorted out above, ultrasonic knife can solve them. So what is ultrasonic knife?

Experts from Shanghai meilianchen medical beauty hospital said that the ultrasonic knife, namely ulthera extreme sound wave skin pulling, uses HIFU knife high-intensity ultrasonic treatment equipment to noninvasively restore skin elasticity and improve wrinkles. The ultrasonic heat energy is directly transmitted to the lower part of the subcutaneous fat layer (SMAs layer), which induces fascia tightening and activates deep collagen regeneration. Low safety and side effects!

Why can ultrasound knife help us have young skin? What are the magical effects?

  1. Non operative treatment without knife: no pain, no recovery period, safe and beautiful.
  2. Wake up cell regeneration: repair skin withered and broken cells, and reshape firm, smooth and elastic skin.
  3. Comprehensively enter the skin from various angles: deeply penetrate, stimulate the source of strength at the bottom of the muscle, and continuously inject young vitality into the skin.
  4. Tailor made treatment course: one-on-one customized beauty changing scheme, 60 minutes of comprehensive rejuvenation, do and go, without affecting normal work and life.

Later, I believe that young skin is what every woman wants, so we must choose a regular hospital to do this project. Shanghai meilianchen medical beauty hospital adheres to quality and responsibility to shape beauty, which has harvested its own charm for many beauty lovers. It is an excellent choice for beauty loving women to become young and ideal!

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