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The principle of beauty HIFU LipoSonix machine?

For beauty lovers, beautiful makeup is just icing on the cake. What you want is always the same: you can go out without makeup. Some babies are only 20 years old, their faces collapse, their muscles sag and their facial lines are not clear. Many people suddenly look in the mirror and sigh: they are old! Old!! I regretted when I first said why I didn’t pay attention to maintenance before. It’s difficult to want it to resist aging! How to fight aging? Ultrasonic scalpel is one of the popular anti-aging methods, which has been proved to have obvious lifting effect. The ultrasonic scalpel is the first to treat the fascia layer in a non-invasive way and generate heat with energy to stimulate collagen regeneration. At the same time, it takes acmetea cell nutrient source to start the growth process of new skin tissue, strengthen and stabilize the collagen fiber structure and restore the broken layer of fiber structure, so as to bring the renewal of skin and tighten the contour Lift and tighten your skin to smooth wrinkles and give you a young outline. Ultrasonic scalpel is only the beginning of beauty. Postoperative care is a great factor to let you go out. After ultrasonic scalpel surgery, you can’t blindly take oral collagen, because ultrasonic scalpel surgery is a process of stimulating collagen regeneration. If you take collagen, too many collagen fibers supplemented and released from the outside will accumulate under the skin, resulting in subcutaneous necrosis Erythema, erythema and other adverse reactions.

The world health organization who announced that after skin damage, the integrity of cells is destroyed, the plasma membrane is broken, and the contents are released. The release of contents leads to inflammatory reactions of surrounding cells, such as redness and swelling. Therefore, these are some side effects in the process of cell necrosis. In 1972, it was found that cells can be repaired in the process of cell necrosis, Let the damaged cells restore the complete cell structure, and the cells to be renewed have vitality to carry out life activities. How to reverse the irreversible skin problems after skin damage (heat loss, surgical wound, internal injury, etc.) from the inside out through the natural protection mechanism.

Principle of ultrasonic knife:

Ultrasonic scalpel is a matrix focusing, heating and targeted positioning with vibration of up to 6 to 12 million times per second. Energy quantity is converted into heat for high-temperature heat transfer. The depth from 1.26mm to 4.5mm of the epidermis transfers heat energy and acts on the fascia layer. Then, the ultrasound accumulates in the fascia layer, the RF electric field forms an accumulation surface, strongly impacts the skin tissue, and generates electric field accumulation in the fascia layer and targeted parts. After passing through the stratum corneum, transparent layer, granular layer, capillary T-shirt, basal layer, sebaceous gland, sweat gland, fascia layer and periosteum, the ultrasonic knife excitation beam is reflected to the preset layered tissue, raising the subcutaneous temperature to about 65-75 ℃, To ensure the effective thermal damage effect of heat in the dermal fiber layer, the damaged structure will trigger the body to start the function of repairing regenerated cells together with acmetea. Start the growth process of new skin tissue to bring skin renewal.

The research of who through Arizona aging research center shows that the stress response of people to environmental stimuli, like the development process of human skin small cells, is very regular and highly structured. From childhood to maturity, it is carried out in an orderly manner. If it changes halfway (artificial operation or external force, skin breaking or no skin breaking), The arrangement order of cells and the integrity of cells will change, because all cell and gene sequences are arranged accurately and consistent. When this rule is weakened, changed and unable to inject cell repair elements into cells in time and quickly, problems such as decreased skin function and decreased skin defense will appear.

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