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The development status of laser cosmetology in China and the development process of laser cosmetology in the world

Laser cosmetology mainly aims to remove or destroy target tissues through high energy. Various wavelengths can treat various problem diseases or skin cosmetology. Laser cosmetology in China is gradually developing.

At present, although China’s beauty market has developed for more than 20 years, it is still in an irregular and immature development stage. The industry management is lack of strength, the industry competition is in a disordered state, the operation of various beauty salons has not yet formed a scale, and the quality of employees is uneven.

Advertising is far from the actual effect. Various problems are complex but interdependent, and it is even difficult to get a clear idea for a time. It should be said that this is a puzzle faced by the whole industry. The collection of many factors makes it difficult for the whole industry to achieve a certain level of credibility in the society.

Therefore, it is imperative to promote and implement the scientific chain management concept in the beauty industry, provide high-quality products and services, establish good working procedures, and form a good reputation and brand operation mode. Chain operation will be the mainstream of beauty industry in the future.

As a modern commercial investment and operation mode, chain operation will become the main operation direction of beauty industry in the future. This Peugeot chain management concept will lead the whole industry into a new era of healthy and vigorous development.

As early as 1917, the great scientist Einstein predicted the existence of stimulated radiation and the possibility of optical amplification, and then established the basic theory of laser.

In 1960, Meiman made the world’s first laser – ruby laser. Since then, a completely novel light source was born.

In 1963, Goldman l began to apply ruby laser to the treatment of benign skin lesions and tattoos and achieved success, creating a precedent for the application of laser medicine.

In the 1980s, erbium laser, excimer laser, CO2 partner laser and pulsed dye laser appeared successively. The new laser technology has been relatively mature for research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and skin beauty treatment, and has formed a large professional team, which is one of the important symbols of the formation of laser medicine.

In the middle and late 1990s, advanced complete sets of laser beauty instruments from the United States, Israel, Britain and Germany quickly poured into China and became popular. Some domestic laser beauty instruments have also been used more and more in China.

Since the 1990s, with the progress of science and the development of laser technology, medical lasers have developed in the direction of high performance, intelligence, miniaturization and specialization.

Up to now, laser cosmetology has taken the lead in the whole laser therapy, and its prospect is promising. Modern laser cosmetology has become the most attractive and promising part of contemporary medical cosmetology.