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Principle and function of HIFU cosmetic machine, function of cosmetic ultrasonic knife

There is a one month nutritional reserve period before ultrasonic knife cosmetic surgery in Europe and America. A large number of oral ultrasonic scalpel supporting nutritional AC in the early stage м Etea enables repair factors to reach subcutaneous cells and deep fascia through blood. Among the two repair factors, sirome and chitosan oligosaccharide are the natural protective barriers of ultrasonic scalpel surgery. The damage of subcutaneous insulation layer and the evaporation of subcutaneous water are inevitable. Only do a good job in cell base protection is the beginning of beauty. You can’t blindly seek beauty and damage cells. After the protective base is formed under the skin, and then the cells are destroyed by RF electric stimulation of the ultrasonic knife, the function of repairing cells from the human body is started. A large amount of repair nutrition can not only protect the skin, but also lend sufficient nutrition to regenerate collagen fibers for the skin. At the same time, it can awaken the human body’s repair function, combine inside and outside, interact, and double improve and prolong the beauty effect of the ultrasonic knife, Prevent the side effects of ultrasonic knife.

Principle and function of ultrasonic knife, function of cosmetic ultrasonic knife

Although HIFU cosmetic machine is called a knife, it is not a real scalpel. Ultrasonic scalpel beauty uses the principle of ultrasonic thermal energy focusing to bypass the epidermis through the cluster heat transfer mode of dot matrix. On the premise of not cutting the epidermis, the ultrasonic scalpel beauty probes out the matrix molecular energy wave that vibrates up to 6-12 million times per second and goes deep into the subcutaneous skin to damage the subcutaneous cells, At the depth of about 1.6-4.5mm under the skin, the energy is directly applied to the deep fascia, the RF electric field in the fascia layer forms a focusing surface, strongly impacts the dermal tissue, and produces an electric field aggregation effect on the dermal tissue, raising the subcutaneous temperature to about 60-75 ℃, so as to determine the effective thermal damage effect of heat in the dermal fiber layer. At the same time, a large number of oral ultrasonic scalpels are equipped with AC м Etea nutrition, AC м Etea dual repair factors sirome and chitosan oligosaccharide are natural protective barriers for ultrasonic scalpel surgery, and also trigger the body to start repairing regenerated cells and repairing fascia, so as to play a better role in lifting, wrinkle removal and skin firming.

The fascia is like the reinforcement mechanism of the skin. The skin is supported by this layer of reinforcement, and the fascia is loose, and the skin is loose. If the fascia is not repaired in time after the ultrasonic knife, it will lose the ability to re support the epidermis, which will affect the cosmetic effect of the ultrasonic knife and adverse reactions. At the same time, thermal damage will occur to dermal cells and epidermal cells under heat energy, Therefore, the operation was carried out within 20 days in advance with oral ultrasonic scalpel supporting nutritional AC м Etea, do a good job in preoperative preparation, so that a large number of repair factors are produced in the body, so that the tightened skin is firmly repositioned on the fascia collagen scaffold, and the repair molecules are gradually combined into ordered collagen, so as to really stimulate the regeneration of cells and the repair of fascia, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting, tightening and smooth skin.

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