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Is there any pain in the process of private ultrasonic knife

With age, vaginal relaxation is obvious, which is difficult for many women to accept. What are the methods of vaginal repair? How about a private ultrasound knife? What is the process of private ultrasonic knife? Does the operation have pain? What are the precautions?

Process of private ultrasonic knife

One step of private ultrasonic knife treatment: first clean the treatment site and apply anesthetic drops.

Private ultrasonic scalpel treatment step 2: the doctor adjusts the energy. The applicator slowly enters the vagina.

Three steps of private ultrasonic knife treatment: laser treatment, laser according to the photo area, and observe the reaction.

Four steps of private ultrasonic knife treatment: treat the outer labia, laser, improve pigmentation, and make the cell collagen in the private part more pink and delicate.

Five steps of private ultrasonic knife treatment: after treatment, disinfect and clean again.

The pain is similar to laser skin beautification

Many girls want to know whether the private ultrasonic knife hurts. In fact, the degree of pain is similar to the feeling of laser skin beautification. Generally, girls can stand the pain.

Suitable for girls who have been married and given birth

Private ultrasound knife is suitable for girls after marriage or childbirth after pregnancy, or girls with old vagina and slow relaxation. It depends on their own needs.

Fully communicate with the doctor before operation

Before making a private ultrasound knife, you should fully evaluate with the doctor, clarify the treatment effect you want, and carefully ask the attending doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of private ultrasound knife.

Precautions after private ultrasonic scalpel operation

  1. 2-3 days after the laser, the secretion will increase, which is a normal phenomenon. You can always have a pad.
  2. Do not touch water on the treatment site on the same day, so as not to affect the laser thermal reaction of private ultrasonic knife.
  3. Avoid spicy seafood irritants, and do not smoke or drink, so as not to stimulate private parts.
  4. It is important not to have sex for a week, because the friction of sex will prolong the recovery period of private ultrasound knife.

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