Is the composition of ultrasonic knife harmful

With the growth of age, collagen is popular in the body, and various skin problems such as skin laxity and wrinkles appear. Ultrasonic scalpel beauty is a new beauty skill. In order to fundamentally solve the problem of wrinkles. Many people don’t know much about ultrasonic knife. So, is the composition of ultrasonic knife harmful?

Is the composition of ultrasonic knife harmful?

Ultrasonic scalpel was first used in medicine. The ultrasonic knife is a bit like laser engraving. We have seen engraving in the middle of a glass ball in the past. Laser engraving mainly uses the principle of three-point or multi-point positioning, focuses on the coordinates above three axes, and “explodes” the action point after three-axis simultaneous energy focusing, which also becomes internal engraving. The ultrasonic knife is the same principle. When light beams are emitted from different places, The radio wave magnetic field will conduct the meeting at a set point. During the meeting, for example, when the tumor is removed, there is no operation. It first passes through the skin to reach the place where the tumor is to be cut, focuses several points at the same place, and then kills the tumor (also burns). Generally, it is applicable to burn the tumor with an ultrasonic knife to make the tumor necrosis, or cut off the nutritional supply of the tumor when the tumor is relatively small, Make the tumor shrink because of lack of nutrition.

The beauty grade ultrasonic knife is to transform the principle of the equipment, so that the focused Porter is not short, especially superficial. However, the ultrasonic knife in the current market is different from the medical ultrasonic knife, because the equipment of the medical ultrasonic knife is very expensive. The beauty ultrasonic knife is based on the concept of the medical ultrasonic knife, raising the focus to the subcutaneous part, and the fascia layer above the fat layer below the dermis, but only burning in the fascia layer, The vibration energy and electric wave of the ultrasonic knife are destroyed at the gathering point under the skin, so as to destroy the burning of the target cells, and the destruction is long-term. After burning, our body will mobilize nutrition to repair scars.

Principle of ultrasonic knife

Does the harm of ultrasonic knife beauty exist? Let’s first look at its principle: the new technology of excellent non-invasive skin firming and wrinkle removal breaks through the tradition, and nearly 10000 condensation points appear, which immediately tightens the collagen and fiber mediastinum, stimulates a large number of regeneration and reorganization of collagen, constructs a brand-new collagen fiber network, and enhances the elasticity of the skin from the bottom layer of the skin.

In Europe and the United States, one month before the operation of ultrasonic scalpel, oral repair collagen makes the repair factors in the body reach the subcutaneous cells through the blood, and then start the effect of repairing cells from the human body through the external RF electric stimulation of ultrasonic scalpel instrument. A large number of repair collagen proteins taken orally in the same period provide the nutrition required for collagen regeneration.

Ultrasonic scalpel is a physical beauty method, which first destroys the broken structure. If there is a wound in our body, the repair intelligence in the body will start, and a large amount of nutrients will be released and gathered in the wound to accelerate the wound recovery. The main forces of these nutrients are collagen and hyaluronic acid. For people over 30 years old, collagen and hyaluronic acid in their bodies have been declining rapidly. If they are important and lack collagen and hyaluronic acid, there will be long-term skin damage after operation, # uneven skin nutrition, long-term collapse of subcutaneous nerves and skin, dark skin color, stiffness and other adverse conditions. This is a particularly high risk of micro plastic surgery. Before and after ultrasonic scalpel, a large amount of repair collagen must be taken orally, and the diagnosis and treatment skills of internal and external combination of ultrasonic scalpel must be correctly adopted in order to be safe, reliable and lasting.