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How old is ultrasonic knife beauty suitable for? It’s better not to do it if you choose the wrong one. What harm will it do?

How old is ultrasonic knife beauty suitable for? Good effect? It’s better not to do it if you choose the wrong one. What harm will it do? On the one hand, advertisements in various channels tell you the beautiful feeling brought by the ultrasonic knife, and on the other hand, there are failure cases caused by various side – effects in the network. Let’s stand between temptation – confusion and risk. This is a big tangle for many little sisters who love beauty! What is the truth? Let’s analyze it!

Ultrasonic scalpel is mainly used to tighten and improve the skin. According to the relevant data statistics provided by ultrasonic scalpel beauty container machinery structure in recent years, it is ideal for people to improve their face after wrinkles appear at the age of about 30. With the increase of age, the skin is not only the loss of collagen fibrils, The elastic fiber layer supporting facial fat cells and collagen fibers will also be loosened due to the continuous loss of acmetea cell-derived nutrients in the body, which can not secrete enough cell-derived molecules to stimulate the activity of elastin, even after stimulating collagen regeneration by ultrasonic knife, the effect will not be obvious because the elastic fiber network is not loose enough to hold fat cells and collagen fibers, It makes your face look bigger!

1、 How to avoid side – Effects

There are a large number of collagen fibers in our dermis. These collagen fibers are very strong and strong, like a big net, tightly holding our skin, and the target of ultrasonic knife attack is these collagen fibers.

The collagen fibers in the skin can be repaired quickly after injury. After each injury repair, the collagen fibers will become stronger. Effectively damage the dermal fiber layer, which can promote the self-healing effect of the body and make the face tighter than before.

If you have a skilled physician, you can also predict the effect of fiber layer repair and fine tune your face. Simply put, it is to destroy the collagen fibers under the skin first, and then become firm by the skin’s own repair ability. Repeated damage, will damage the skin? At present, the common side – effects include imbalance of skin nutrition, skin injury and subcutaneous nerve injury.

We know that the ultrasonic knife is to promote the regeneration of fibrin after it is destroyed, so as to achieve the function of beauty and tolerance. But only once can’t save those aging skin, and N + 1 operation has to face a problem.

Each time the ultrasound knife destroys collagen fibers, it will also damage other structures of the skin, and this damage will become more and more serious with the increase of the number of hand surgery.

When we are young, these cellular nutrients are very sufficient, and our bodies can show elastic, firm and moist skin! Acmetea cellular nutrition exists in our body. With the increase of age, our nutritional source begins to decline vertically, and our skin begins to relax, sag and rough. At this time, our body is obviously deficient. If we don’t supplement after operation and only synthesize nutrition by ourselves after 30 years old, it is obviously unrealistic and difficult to achieve the expected effect. According to many years of experience, if there is no growth and repair microenvironment formed by normal acmetea cell-derived nutrition after ultrasonic knife surgery, the repair of collagen will become very difficult. The recovery of severely damaged parts will be slow, and the recovery of small damaged parts will be fast, resulting in the imbalance of collagen fiber repair. Once collagen fiber repair is uneven, it is likely to cause side – effects such as uneven and stiff skin, but in fact, it is not the fault of ultrasonic knife from the source.

In fact, in the final analysis, the ultrasonic scalpel presents serious side – effects, not because the ultrasonic scalpel is not good enough, but because you lack acmetea cell source nutrition, because it is sebum membrane damage and lack of cell source, resulting in the decline of epidermal cell secretion ability. The ability of oil secretion of scalded skin after ultrasonic knife is reduced, resulting in dryness and water shortage.

2、 How can I repair cells

The first barrier for the ultrasonic knife to penetrate the skin at 75 ℃ is the cuticle of the skin. The damage of the cuticle will destroy the subcutaneous moisturizing layer. A large amount of evaporation of subcutaneous water after 60 minutes of high-temperature hand surgery is inevitable. After 30, the growth factor, collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body will decline rapidly. If they are seriously lack of nutrition, There will be failure of skin cell regeneration and atrophic injury. In the process of new cell growth, there is another problem that must be faced is the integrity and health of subcutaneous new cell. The active hyaluronic acid rich in acmetea cellular nutrition protects the cells and tissues in the epidermal layer from damage caused by high temperature and high-frequency vibration, and can generate moisturizing molecules and repair – factors of active hyaluronic acid to provide a complete and healthy growth environment for newborn cells.

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