How about the effect of laser removing acne and smoothing acne marks

The growth of acne is always common in our adolescence, but some adults will also have various kinds of acne on their faces, which has become the distress of many acne patients. How to remove acne can be clean. Now there are many methods in the market, among which laser acne removal is a common one.

Laser acne removal is the use of a specific wavelength of laser, which has a strong effect on inhibiting the excessive sebum produced by acne and killing a variety of bacteria that cause acne, so as to make the new small acne fade away in time.

Effect of laser acne removal: if you want to see the ideal effect, you need to cooperate with the metabolic cycle of the skin. Generally, it takes more than 2 times of treatment to achieve a comprehensive curative effect. After each treatment, it takes a certain time for the skin to adapt to the treatment effect, that is, a period of time is required between the two treatments. Therefore, it requires a certain amount of patience to have a good effect of laser acne removal and beauty.

Principle of laser acne removal: high intensity dye laser irradiation with a specific wavelength can quickly destroy acne propionate bacteria, effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction, eliminate its stimulation and destruction to the tissue, rapidly shrink the dilated capillaries, and quickly subside the congestion and swelling inflammation, blocking the further destruction of acne to the tissue, and promoting the early recovery of acne wounds, Avoid irreversible pits and acne scars in the future.

Precautions for laser acne removal

Diet: eat less oil squeezed food, sugar, fat food, irritant food and alcohol, and eat more vegetables, fruits and cellulose containing food to prevent dry stool

Keep your skin clean at ordinary times, which is the most important part of skin care. It is the most economical to use natural Chinese herbal medicine for skin care. It is a multi-functional skin care product, which can comprehensively regulate the skin and increase the disease resistance of the skin

Relax your spirit, follow the rules of life, and avoid endocrine disorders caused by excessive tension or fatigue

Do not advocate long-term use of oily cosmetics, because it can block pores. Some oils and fats will also stimulate the skin, such as oleic acid, vegetable oil (especially impure ones), and some cosmetic cosmetics will also be produced after long-term application. After suffering from acne, some people mistakenly think that cleaning for many times will cure acne. In fact, too many times of cleaning itself can produce acne. Some antibacterial soaps have acne causing compounds (such as chlorophenol), so people with acne must be careful when using cosmetics

Do not use cosmetics and drugs with hormones for a long time

Squeeze acne under the guidance of a doctor, especially in the triangle

Laser can not only help us remove acne, but also help us smooth acne marks. After acne grows, it will leave many potholes on our faces. Laser acne removal can also avoid this phenomenon in the process of acne removal.