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Factors affecting the effect of ultrasonic knife!

Vascular injury

In fact, because the ultrasonic knife penetrates the blood vessels and nerves on the deep fascia layer, if it is not operated properly, it will damage the blood vessels and nerves there, and there may be bruises and crooked face at any time. All this needs to start with repairing blood vessels, because blood vessels are the only source of facial nutrition. The diameter of facial blood vessels is small, the number is large, the total cross-section is the largest, the blood flow speed is the slowest, the pipe wall is thin, and the heat energy of ultrasonic knife under 8000-10000 is accumulated. Therefore, the blood vessels should be repaired first after operation. A large number of Nisin in the blood vessels can help the composition of single-layer endothelial cells and basement membrane, so as to make the blood vessels have good permeability and facilitate the material exchange between blood and tissues, Help repair blood vessels, provide nutrition for blood vessels, and complete subcutaneous tissue repair!

Importance of operators

The ultrasonic scalpel probe stays in the local position of the skin for a long time. Due to the heat generated by its energy, the skin is red, swollen and blistered. Even successful medical and aesthetic hand surgery may have sequelae.

New tissue repair

In order to avoid the risk of ultrasonic knife and ensure the smooth generation of new skin tissue! The degree of injury and tissue regeneration ability determine the repair method, Shuhe time and scar size. The principle of Yanyi Jingke nutrient is to reduce the wound (such as Shuhe wound) as soon as possible, prevent re injury and promote tissue regeneration, and supplement continuously for 3 months after operation. Maintain normal protein conformation and cell-cell morphology, create favorable conditions and promote tissue regeneration and repair.

The face is stiff and uneven

These problems generally come from our unskilled operators, who do not have a good grasp of the depth and temperature of the ultrasonic knife. Spots are caused by the operator’s failure to master the temperature. Such problems will occur when the temperature is high. Pain, stiffness and uneven skin are problems in grasping the depth. Because the thickness of skin tissue in various parts of the human body is different, the same depth cannot be used. Facial pain and stiffness are usually caused by the operator’s deep penetration of the ultrasonic knife, hitting the muscles and nerves. The unevenness is generally because the ultrasonic knife hit our fat layer, and the scope of ultrasonic glass action ranges from the dermis fascia layer. There is also a layer of subcutaneous tissue in the middle, which is filled with adipocytes. Don’t forget that ultrasound has been used for fat burning for more than 10 years. High temperature will damage some fat cells, resulting in fat loss. For some fat people, it doesn’t matter to lose some fat, but for others who don’t have much fat, it will have side effects: without a certain fat support, the skin won’t appear full or even sunken.

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