Classification of laser cosmetology and postoperative attention

Laser cosmetology is a new cosmetology rising in recent years. Laser is more and more widely used in beauty industry. Laser is a kind of monochromatic light with high energy, accurate focusing and certain penetrating power, which acts on human tissues and generates high heat locally, so as to achieve the purpose of removing or destroying target tissues.

Laser cosmetology can be divided into:

Laser removes various pigments from facial skin, such as melanin (nevus and tattoo) and red pigment (hemangioma)

Laser removal of moles, warts, papules, vegetations, benign tumors and other skin defects

Permanent removal of excess body hair by laser

Laser removal of facial wrinkles

Using laser knife instead of scalpel to carry out fine, minimally invasive and bloodless plastic surgery

Consider skin color

There are also different kinds of lasers. Lasers with different wavelengths are suitable for different color spots and skin colors. Dark skin is more prone to pigment changes when it is treated with laser. The lighter the skin, the higher the laser energy it can withstand.

Let the doctor know your family background

Skin color and race have a certain impact on the effect of laser beauty, so it is necessary for doctors to understand your family background before laser beauty. Chicago dermatologist Rebecca Tung reminded beauty seekers that if your skin is prone to pigmentation due to family genetic factors, you must tell your doctor about this.

Do not use vitamin a one week before laser beauty treatment

Elizabeth Tanzi, a dermatologist in Washington, D.C., explained: “topical products containing vitamin A will make the skin sensitive to laser beauty and prolong the recovery period after treatment.”

Please stay away from the sun before laser beauty treatment

Before laser beauty treatment, try to reduce unnecessary going out and sun exposure, because the darker the skin is exposed, the less the effect of laser on it will be.