Classification and comparison of three laser freckle removal methods

At present, the most popular spot removing method is laser spot removing. In the past, there were many spot removing methods, but with the update of technology, laser spot removing is the most popular. Of course, there are many kinds of laser spot removing liquids. There are pixel laser, Q-switch pigment laser, etc.

Types of laser freckle removal:

Pixel laser

It is a new development of beauty laser in recent years. It is a technology that transforms the traditional laser emission mode into pixel mode (micropore mode). At present, the more mature technologies include erbium laser 2940 pixels, Q1064 pixels, CO2 laser pixels, etc., and their greatest advantage is that.

It can further reduce the thermal damage reaction in the process of laser treatment, reduce the occurrence of side effects, and improve the safety of laser treatment. For example, erbium laser 2940 pixel and Q1064 pixel lasers have almost no pain in the treatment of chloasma and pigmentation spots.

There were no obvious adverse reactions (such as redness, swelling, peeling, etc.) after operation. At present, there is no report of color sedimentation after treatment. At the same time, the pixel laser also has the functions of reducing pores and improving the overall quality of the skin. The effect is very obvious. Because of its high customer acceptance and good postoperative effect, it is sought after by the majority of customers.

Q-switched dye laser

Q switch 1064 was used to remove birthmarks and tattoos in the past. In recent years, it has been found that its low-energy large light spot mode can be effectively applied to the treatment of chloasma and pigmented spots. When the technology can be accurately mastered, it can effectively reduce or remove such spots as chloasma and pigmented spots.

Intense light freckle removal

This freckle removing technique is effective for all kinds of pigmented spots and has a wide range of treatment. It is also called color light because of its wide spectral characteristics. It can comprehensively improve the skin in different degrees, and has high treatment safety.

However, the pertinence of this method to all kinds of spots is not strong enough, and it requires high technical mastery of operation and high proficiency and experience of doctors. It is suggested that people with multiple superficial skin pigmentation spots on the face can be considered as the first choice, because it can play a better comprehensive improvement effect.

Ktp532 laser

Because the beam is green, it is also called green laser. The technology can be used for different treatments according to different setting modes.

The Q-mode or quasi-q-mode can be used for the treatment of some color spots, such as freckles and age spots. The effect is good, but the thermal reaction is heavy. Therefore, postoperative care must be done to prevent color sink. It is not recommended to treat pigmented sensitive skin such as chloasma and pigmentation.