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Can you smoke, drink and eat seafood after ultrasonic knife

Do you have any dietary requirements after ultrasonic knife? What are the taboos? Some beauty lovers like seafood. Can they eat seafood after ultrasonic knife? After the ultrasonic knife is finished, you can’t eat seafood, smoke, drink or exercise violently.

Can you eat seafood when making ultrasonic knife

Beauty lovers can eat seafood after the ultrasonic scalpel is finished. However, if the back part of the ultrasonic scalpel is red, swollen and painful, it means that the body is more sensitive to external stimuli. It is better not to eat seafood during the sensitive period of the body, because seafood is theoretically a hair substance in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, it is an allergen of many people and carries protein components different from those of the human body, Will cause the body’s rejection reaction, and even deepen the symptoms of redness and swelling.

Don’t eat spicy food after ultrasonic knife

After eating spicy or too hot food, beauty lovers will have reactions such as dry heat and sweating, which can also easily lead to local bacterial reproduction and increase the risk of subcutaneous infection after ultrasonic knife. Therefore, in order to ensure the better effect of the ultrasonic knife, do not eat spicy food during the six-month recovery period of the ultrasonic knife, that is to say, spicy hot pot and other spicy dishes with heavy taste should be avoided.

Don’t drink or smoke after ultrasonic knife

After ultrasonic scalpel surgery, it is in a stage of cell regeneration. Smoking and forced inhalation of second-hand smoke will affect the speed of cell repair and regeneration, and the damage of nicotine to the skin is irreparable. In order to see the effect as soon as possible after the ultrasonic knife is completed, beauty seekers should avoid drinking at parties or other occasions within half a year. If they don’t smoke, they should also avoid inhaling second-hand smoke.

Do not exercise or swim violently after ultrasonic knife

The reason why you can’t do strenuous exercise after the ultrasonic knife is that strenuous exercise causes the skin to heat up again, accompanied by sweat, sebum and bacteria. If you exercise strenuously after the ultrasonic knife, it will easily lead to skin infection. In addition, the skin of ultrasonic knife is relatively fragile for 7 days. We go swimming in a short time. A large number of bacteria in the swimming pool may also make the skin unable to resist and be infected. It is suggested to avoid high-intensity fat reducing exercise and high-intensity intermittent exercise within 7 days after the completion of ultrasonic knife.

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