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Advantages of laser Eyeliner cleaning

In the face of the problem of eyeliner, after the popular eyeliner and eyebrow tattoo, many girls found that they had been “cheated”. Eyeliner has become a topic of concern for many women. Some girls are showing up. The effect of eyeliner tattoo is not so obvious, so the idea of Eyeliner washing has arisen. But is Eyeliner really good?

Principle of laser Eyeliner washing:

Laser Eyeliner washing uses high-tech laser equipment to shine on the tattoo area at a specific wavelength, so that the pigment in the skin can be immediately gasified or blasted into fine particles, which can be swallowed by phagocytes in the body and discharged from the body, without causing damage to the normal skin and hair on all sides.

What are the advantages of laser Eyeliner washing?

Laser Eyeliner washing treatment is convenient and fast, with short time, no pain, obvious curative effect and no scar, so it is ideal to repair the failed eyebrow and eyeliner.

For some patients with dark tattoos, laser Eyeliner washing is recommended to be treated in several times, with an interval of three to six months.

No scar, bleeding or scab will be left after laser cleaning eyeliner.

According to all the dyes and the depth of the decoration, the effect is slightly different. More than 80% of the people can clean up the eyeliner by laser washing at one time. A few people with too deep color must be treated twice or more. And some patients will have an impact on the effect of exciting light washing Eyeliner due to too deep color or poor tattoo technology.

What are the factors that affect the price of laser Eyeliner washing?

The price of laser Eyeliner washing is related to the technology of surgery. Although laser Eyeliner washing is also carried out, there are different technologies, so the price will be different.

The price of laser Eyeliner washing is related to the selected hospitals and experts. There is a gap between the popularity of hospitals and experts. The operation cost of experts with higher professionalism will naturally be slightly higher.

The price of laser Eyeliner washing is related to the number of times. Due to the difference of each person’s own conditions, the effect of laser on Eyeliner will be different, and the cost will be slightly different due to different personal requirements.

Through the above introduction, we also have a certain understanding of laser Eyeliner washing. However, it should be reminded that in order to achieve better results, it is important to choose a hospital with better hardware and experienced experts, otherwise it will produce adverse effects.