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Advantages and disadvantages of laser spot removal

Laser freckle removal is a method that many people will use at present, mainly because it is convenient and does little harm to our skin. However, laser freckle removal solution has many disadvantages. Some patients with diseases cannot use laser freckle removal, so we need to make a comparative analysis.

Precautions for laser spot removal:

After the laser freckle removal treatment, local cold compress is required to relieve the pain after treatment. If there is any skin infatuation at the treatment site, it can fall off by itself within two weeks. There is no need to pull it off by hand. Otherwise, there will be serious pigmentation and it is easy to leave scars. And the price of acne and freckle removal will not be very cheap, so we should carefully consider the choice.

After laser freckle removal treatment, the treatment site should be kept clean to avoid infection and friction. Use anti-inflammatory drugs as directed by your doctor.

After the laser freckle removal treatment, there may be temporary pigmentation in the local area after the scab falls off. In order to prevent this, pay attention to the sun protection and maintenance.

The advantages and disadvantages of laser freckle removal are mainly the above points. The size, instrument, area and age of spots all affect the price of laser freckle removal. How to remove spots and acne should be selected according to your actual situation.

Advantages of laser spot removal:

Low side effects, no allergy or capillary tissue lesions.

The recovery time is short and the course of treatment is less, especially the effect of eliminating melanin and rejuvenating skin is remarkable.

It is traceless, safe and does not damage the surrounding normal tissue and skin.

Disadvantages of laser spot removal:

Laser freckle removal treatment can be considered for people who are allergic to light sources, have diabetes, high blood pressure, have mental diseases during pregnancy, have been exposed to the sun in the recent two weeks, or have facial inflammation or chloasma caused by gynecological diseases.

Improper operation may cause skin burns, redness, swelling and blisters. Although this is also a professional method for removing spots and acne, if there is a misunderstanding in the operation, it will damage the retina of the eyes, which will seriously lead to insomnia.